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Badhaai Ho – A Hilarious Take On A Couple In Their 50s Expecting The Third Child.

Bollywood doles out several tales each year in different genres like revenge drama, love sagas, rom coms and what not. Most of them have some entertainment elements, but most amusement is derived from a comedy. We recently have one such yarn spun by the producer-director Amit Sharma and co-produced by Aleya Sen, Vineet Jain and Hemant Bhandari.

This film is a hilarious take on a middle-aged woman, a housewife who is pregnant with a third child. The neighbours, friends, relatives and others get the news and start congratulating her, but there is an awkwardness in the air. Some find it funny, and some also taunt the couple on their active sexual life. The film also ponders as to can’t an elderly couple be sexually active. It also highlights that awareness of contraception is low in India, and this couple erred here.

Grappling with awkwardness

The family comprises Priyamvada 45 – Neena Gupta, her husband Jeetendra Kaushik 50 – Gajraj Rao, Sons Nakul 25 – Ayushmaan Khurana and Gular 16- Shardul Rana. 

Nakul is working in the corporate sector and trying to elevate the run of the mill situation of the middle-class family. This sudden news of an extra member of the family leaves him in a state of dilemma, not knowing how to react. Whether to be happy with the good news or worry about the impending responsibility of the new addition to the financial burden on the family, he also has a girlfriend, Renee, played by Sanya Malhotra.

The audience is left in splits as the story unfolds and takes some comic turns. Nevertheless, it is a good take on this situation which would not have raised so many eyeballs if it were in the 70s when it was not uncommon to find such a state of affairs.

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